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Hydroblood is a project arising from innovative technology in which Talleres Azuara has been working for years

Talleres Azuara
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Talleres Azuara holds the patent that protects the technology used in the production plant from which a high nutritional value protein product is obtained.

Talleres Azuara has invested 3.5 million euros until 2020 in R&D for the implementation of a processing plant based on its proprietary technology that aims to obtain a protein concentrate that will serve as an ingredient for feed and food.

Our main objectives:

  • A new solution that will reduce environmental impact
  • Optimise the production process for animal proteins.

HYDROBLOOD is the new cost-effective blood processing plant for treating whole blood, thus optimising the way to obtain high-quality animal proteins.

A large amount of blood is treated as waste, but our technology is able to give it new value as a raw material for obtaining a high nutritional quality product.

The process known as Hydroblood is a safe, automatic, cost-effective, and very sustainable system that includes the collection and processing of raw materials.

The Hydroblood technology is capable of recovering 100% of the animal blood from approved slaughterhouses and converts it into a protein concentrate with high added value.

Ingredients with a great biological value for food and feed.

Proteins are obtained in the process to be used as an ingredient in different food formulations.

The main advantages of the process are:

  • Less investment (CAPEX)
  • Lower operating costs (OPEX)
  • On-site blood treatment→ Annual energy savings.
  • 8340 kg of CO2 per m3 of blood
    transformed into protein concentrate.
  • Treatment plant 8 m3 blood/day, the
    saving in emissiones generated is
    70.000 kilos CO2 /year

The main advantages of the product are:

  • High HEME iron content
  • Highly versatile uses
  • Does not alter organoleptic characteristics on products: colour, odour or taste
  • Higher protein concentration: 96% protein
  • Product with traceability, certification and health registration
  • Can be stored at room temperature, remaining stable
  • High digestibility: 95 %

We transform a raw material into a protein concentrate with a high nutritional value of high market demand.

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It is a project co-financed by the European Commission within the H 2020 SME Instruments programme, as an innovative and priority project for Europe

Every relevant project needs companies committed to a common goal, and Talleres Azuara wants to thank each and every one of them for their participation in this project.

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